European roulette tricks and strategy that work

Roulette Strategies

Roulette dates back to hundreds of years making it one of the oldest gambling games. Though it is entirely based on chance, there are certain tricks and strategies that you can use to minimize losses and maximize profits. Here are European roulette tricks and strategies in which combined with luck can help you beat the odds.

First practice playing for free before placing bets

This helps you to get a feel of the game, figure out what works and what does not and increases your confidence. It also gives you time to study the strategies of other players and think about how much you are willing to wager.

Spin the wheel several times

This comes in handy if you are playing at a land based casino as it helps you to determine if there are any biases. Some wheels maybe set to land on some numbers more than others. Also, check the electronic board above it.

If the casino workers are the ones spinning the wheel, he or she may have played the game for a long time such that they use the same force to spin the wheel leading to bias.

The best European roulette strategies

  • Double up

If you are betting on even versus odd or red versus black, then you should try this strategy. It states that every time you lose, double up your betting amount and bet on the same color until you record a win.

Begin by betting the minimum amount allowed at the table and continue doubling until you win. However, some roulette table have a maximum bet amount which you can reach before winning. In this case, bet on the maximum amount until you record a win.

To use this strategy, you should have enough amount to be able to double up every time.

  • James Bond European Roulette Strategy

This strategy involves betting a total of $200 which is distributed as follows: $10 on zero, $50 on numbers between 13-18 and $140 on the high numbers (19-36). This spreads the bets hence increasing your winning chances.

If the winning roulette number is between 19-36, you will make a profit of $80, if it is between 13-18, you will make a profit of $100 and if it is zero, the profit will be $160.

The only way to lose is if the ball lands on any number between 1 and 12 in which case you will make a loss of $200. If this happens employ the Martingale strategy until you win.

With so many untrustworthy casinos out there, ensure that you choose one that is reputable. Some of the top rated safe online casinos that you can play safely include the luxury casino, Zodiac casino and Captain Cooks casino. Whichever site you select, just ensure that it publishes its payout and be sure to read reviews by previous players.